Adding Depth to the Touch Experience

The freedom to roll-over, magnify, preview, target, scroll, and play

using Multi-Finger Hover n’ Touch


Patented Multi-finger
Hover n’ Touch Technology

zRRo’s multi-finger hover and touch solution
delivers superior performance at your fingertips


The zTouch Experience

It’s not just about making screen contact optional. zTouch
lets users interact with content in ways never possible
before. zTouchtm is the one-and-only technology to satisfy
the full array of vendors’ specs for next-gen smartphones,
tablets and PCs. These specs enable compelling use-cases,
user benefits, and a mass of new applications, including:


Rollover Capacity

Enable “mouse roll-over” features and
functionality in touch-based devices



Pinpoint Targeting

Hover over hyperlinks to enlarge for more accurate and faster navigation



Magnify Content

Hover pinching – perfect for small screens, allowing users to focus on what they want



3D Gaming

Introducing mobile gaming with a whole
new (“z”) dimension